“Akin to Stranger Things and The Goonies”

I recently sent a review copy of Yesterday’s Gone to lilmissfiction, a book enthusiast from Montreal. She posts some really great reviews over on Instagram (along with some great pictures!).

Here’s what she had to say about book one in the Olympic Vista Chronicles:

Pawlik has a flare for writing about this period and I could truly visualize the eighties vibes through her description of music, fashion and even food. 

Shauna aka lilmissfiction

Akin to Stranger Things and The Goonies, this book gives us coming of age, young love, curious minds and a lot of fun!

Shauna aka lilmissfiction

Check out all of her comments about the book here, and don’t forget to give her other reviews a read as well!

(The Olympic Vista Chronicles were previously published as The Legends of The Link novellas)

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