Olympic Vista Chronicles

Delve into the mystery of the strange, small town of Olympic Vista, WA.

“Pawlik has a flare for writing about this period and I could truly visualize the eighties vibes through her description of music, fashion and even food.”

An eager new kid, a deadpan music-lover, a fast-talking troublemaker, an anxious bookworm and a girl torn between popularity and adventure. Follow this group of friends as they delve into the mysteries of their small town while juggling the trials and tribulations of their home lives.


Everything twelve-year-old Adelaide Winter knows about her Washington state hometown is turned on its head when Darius Belcouer moves to Olympic Vista at the end of summer 1986.

The two become fast friends as they bond over the mystery of a local haunted house Darius wants to explore. The house, it turns out, is only the tip of the iceberg. They quickly discover the more they dig, the more they uncover, and the trail leads back to The Link, a research and development facility in town. Together, Adelaide and her friends delve into the strange occurrences around Olympic Vista.

A coming-of-age tale filled with love, friendship and horror in the late 80s.

(The Olympic Vista Chronicles were previously published as The Legends of The Link novellas)


Book One: Yesterday’s Gone
Book Two: Songs from the Wood 
Book Three: Costumes & Copiers

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Music is mentioned a lot in the Olympic Vista Chronicles.

Check out Spotify’s Olympic Vista Chronicles Mixed Tape for all the songs.