Yesterday’s Gone

Book one of the Olympic Vista Chronicles follows Darius and Adelaide as they explore a house rumoured to be haunted. What they find is so much worse.

Life is good, if mundane, in Olympic Vista. Twelve-year-old Adelaide Winter and her friends spend most of their time biking around or hanging out in the Pacific Northwest town. Crushes, troubles at home, and the latest music or comic book release are their biggest concerns. Sure, there are rumblings of what happens at the secure research and development facility locals call The Link, but the adults about town assure the children there is nothing to worry about. And adults never lie, do they?

Darius Belcouer’s arrival in the summer of 1986 changes everything. Together with their friends, Darius and Adelaide are determined to figure out exactly what the small town is hiding.

Yesterday’s Gone, book one in the Olympic Vista Chronicles, follows this group of friends as they explore a house rumoured to be haunted.

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Praise for Yesterday’s Gone:

“Nostalgic and highly readable.”

Yesterday’s Gone is fast paced and the perfect weekend read!”

“It evokes the feeling of the eighties, bringing back some fond memories.”

“A great poolside read that’s impossible to put dow.n”

“A throwback to the 80’s.”

Yesterday’s Gone was originally published in 2021 as book one in the Legends of The Link series, which has been renamed Olympic Vista Chronicles.